Peaceful Beaches of Besant Nagar 2023

Besant Nagar Beach Chennai

Step away from the city and into the serenity of Besant Nagar Beach. Take a break from your everyday life and gaze at the expansive blue water, swaying palms, and golden sands. Enjoy an afternoon picnic or a romantic evening swim for a truly relaxing experience on this stunning beach. Book taxi service in Chennai for travelling around the city.

Learn About the Different Beaches in Besant Nagar

Besant Nagar is known for its peaceful beaches, making it a popular tourist destination. From swimming and windsurfing to sunbathing and sightseeing, there is something for everyone along these stunning coastline views. Five of the most popular beaches in the area are Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Elliot’s Beach, Breezy Beach, Boat House Beach and Kovalam Beach. So spend an unforgettable day or two exploring the beauty of this area!

Find Restaurants Nearby and Enjoy Local Cuisine

Once you’re done soaking up the sun, go to some of the local restaurants near Besant Nagar beach. Whether it’s a casual seafood spot with a view or an upscale fine-dining experience, there is something for everyone. Enjoy delicious food and stunning beach views, and try a traditional Tamil dish. End your day on a high note!

Try Out Some Fun Activities on the Beach

Besant Nagar beach offers plenty of activities and water sports options. So you can make the most out of your day! Enjoy a beautiful morning run on the beach, take a kayak tour around the bay, go kite flying, or try outdoor yoga. With so many things to do in and around Besant Nagar beach, you will always be energized!

Admire the Sunsets and Breathtaking Scenery

Take some time to appreciate the natural beauty of Besant Nagar’s tranquil beaches. Watch the horizon as a fiery sun sets behind the waves, admire the picturesque views, or just lay down and relax! Enjoy a peaceful evening next to the shore, listening to waves lapping against the beach. Then, book cab in Chennai to explore this beach fully.

Participate in Coastal Clean-Up Events to Do Your Part for Environment conservation

Besant Nagar is home to several coastal clean-up events organized by locals and environmental organizations. By participating in these coastal clean-ups, you can help protect the environment. While also enjoying yourself in a peaceful setting. Even if you spend one hour on the beach basking in the tranquil atmosphere, you can do your part to make Besant Nagar’s beaches even more beautiful.

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