Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is a popular destination located in the state of Kerala, India. It is known for its pristine white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and serene surroundings, making it a perfect vacation spot for tourists.

Location and Access:

Kovalam Beach is situated on the Malabar Coast in the southern part of Kerala, about 16 km from the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram. The beach is easily accessible by road, and there are regular buses and taxis available from Thiruvananthapuram. The closest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, which is about 15 km away from the beach.

Attractions and Activities:

Kovalam Beach is divided into three crescent-shaped beaches: Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and Samudra Beach. Lighthouse Beach is the most popular among the three and is known for its 30-meter lighthouse, which offers a panoramic view of the beach and the surrounding area. Visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse for a spectacular view of the coastline and the Arabian Sea.

Hawah Beach, also known as Eve’s Beach, is popular among tourists for its calm and peaceful surroundings. The beach is named after the Hawa Mahal, a palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which has a similar design to the beach’s promenade. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk along the promenade and enjoy the beautiful views of the beach.

Samudra Beach, located at the northern end of Kovalam, is known for its serene and secluded atmosphere. The beach is surrounded by coconut trees and has a few shacks that serve fresh seafood and local delicacies.

Apart from these beaches, visitors can also explore several other attractions near Kovalam Beach, such as the Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium, Kovalam Art Gallery, and the Kovalam Surf Club. Visitors can also indulge in various water sports activities such as surfing, swimming, and parasailing.

Safety and Precautions:

Kovalam Beach is relatively safe compared to other beaches in the area, but visitors should still take necessary precautions while swimming or engaging in water sports activities. The beach does not have lifeguards on duty, so visitors should be careful while venturing into the sea. Visitors should also avoid swimming or surfing during high tide or strong currents.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Kovalam Beach is between September and March, when the weather is pleasant, and the sea is calm. During this time, the temperature ranges between 25°C to 30°C, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The monsoon season in Kerala starts from June and lasts until September, and visitors should avoid visiting the beach during this time as the sea can be rough and dangerous.


Kovalam Beach is a picturesque destination that offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Sea. With its soft sand, clear water, and gentle breeze, it provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can engage in a variety of activities such as swimming, beach games, and exploring the nearby attractions. With its natural beauty and serene surroundings, Kovalam Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Kerala.

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